Barely three months after the demise of her father, seasoned Nollywood filmmaker, Emem Isong has lost her mother.

The mother of three took to her Instagram page this afternoon to announce the demise of her mother which happened precisely on August 13.

“It is exactly one week since you left us…This year has been one heck of a year but in everything as always we give thanks to God🙏🙏. The gift of a mother is God’s way of showing just how much he loves us, The love a mother exudes can never be compared to all the wealth we accumulate The joys and memories built over time is stored for eternity.

Losing  this, is life’s greatest loss. My mother. My friend My companion My confidant A place of Solace All of it gone like the wind. Leaving a vacuum nothing in the world can fill. Rest In Peace Mama😢😢😭💔 , she wrote.

Kemifilani had reported that during the burial of Emem Isong’s late father, Nollywood super stars stormed her home town.

The likes of Monalisha Chinda, Mary Remmy Njoku, Uche Jombo, Funnybone and more..

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